You must setup your table money account before you use this system (See below)

Check your table money account HERE. Login then select 'Check your wallet'

Setup your table money account HERE



Within our scoring system, every club member already has an account. From 1st August 2022 $3.00 will be debited to that account every time you play on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday. (Other playing days - Tuesdays, Saturdays & monthly Sundays - will continue unchanged, with cash.)

Club members are responsible for keeping their accounts in credit by regularly depositing online to our club’s special Table Money bank account.
[If you are unable to do internet banking please talk to Eileen Sanger or Alison Beer. They will help you make alternative special arrangements].

A once only registration process will give you access to view your personal account You can then check your balance as often as you want.

You will be sent a monthly email, detailing your table money, your debits from playing, your credits from top up deposits and your current balance.

We hope this is smooth sailing for you all, but don't hesitate to ask one of us if you have queries or need help.